Last weekend I accompanied my son’s T-Ball team at Young Tornados Mannheim as an assistant coach.

Coaching Young-tornado-Mannheim4

Within a few hours I could, could, I had to

  • motivate,
  • to comfort,
  • cheer,
  • Show limits,
  • cheer,
  • Make decisions,
  • Share experience,
  • Calm parents,
  • discuss with umpires,
  • Settle dispute
  • I am happy with the team and
  • have a lot of fun.

In comparison, the last few years of my career as a systemic coach and consultant have been really relaxing and calm.

Coaching Young Tornados Mannheim

I think I have found a new job for the next few years and will support my little baseball player as a coach at the Young Tornados Mannheim …

Coaching Young-tornado-Mannheim1

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